Kendra Morin

Kendra Morin



61 Margaret Street

Katepwa Lake, SK S0G 2K0

Phone: 306-861-3424


Mind Body Connection

BodyTalk by Kendra Morin

Kendra‚Äôs journey with BodyTalk began when she was struggling with some major life decisions. Health concerns led her to look at other modalities, vitamins, essential oils, and a healthy diet.  Kendra credits these alternatives for regaining her own health.  She found BodyTalk so amazing she felt the need to learn and share it with others. 

Kendra along with her husband, Colin and their three handsome little boys live at Katepwa Lake, she loves all the sports that come along with lake living.  She is passionate about BodyTalk and loves to do sessions for her family as well as anyone that is willing to give it a try.

Kendra has witnessed positive results with her own clients for example: a man had a very bad knee and was scheduled for surgery; with BodyTalk sessions he was able to cancel his surgery.  Another client who was experiencing shoulder pain is now pain free for the first time in months. Kendra has also had great results from doing distance sessions with her clients.

Along with being a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Kendra has also taken BodyTalk Access, Mindscape, Module 3 (Principles of Consciousness), Module 6 (Macrocosmic BodyMind), Freefall and Conscious Living Investigation (CLI); using all of these courses to form her practice.  She is excited to continue her education with BodyTalk to enhance her skills in all areas.  As a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner she is building a reputation for helping others improve their health and create ultimate long-term wellness.

Please feel free to call or email for an appointment.
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