Rebecca Marshall

Ms. Rebecca Marshall



2332 Galiano St
2nd Floor
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Phone: 305.735.1283


Interested in leveling-up your health & lifestyle? In deepening practices of conscious living? In decreasing symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression or simply "dis-ease"? 


As an Integrative Holistic Practitioner, I specialize in bodymind approaches, assisting clients in reaching greater levels of personal growth/development, satisfaction and fulfillment in life through careful consideration of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of health & wellbeing. 

As a research informed practitioner, I believe integrative offerings are best practice, opening doors to beneficial methods which can otherwise remain unaccessible - on average it takes 17 years for a scientifically proven treatment to make it into most practice settings. As a result, I combine evidence-based strategies with effective, cutting-edge practices offering high-level, quality care.

My education and experience in psychology, energy medicine, mindfulness and nutraceuticals guide my holistic perspective. I am licensed in the State of FL as mental health counselor, and am certified as a BodyTalk and mindfulness-based practitioner.   

Sessions combine effective, traditional and complementary methods, cultivating participatory ~ lifestyle medicine.  Learn to engage actively engage in your healthcare, cultivate lasting change and gain helpful tools for nourishing personal, professional and familial wellbeing through all phases of life. 

Reach out today! Schedule a free consultation and discover if my unique offerings are aligned with your needs.

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