Katie Bell

Katie Bell



221 Guelph Cres

Saskatoon, SK S7H 4P9

Phone: 306.260.1304




Do you ever get tired of hearing "that's just the way life is"?  I sure did! 

In 2013, I was in a car accident and suffered for over a year with whiplash and concussion symptoms.  Every week I would visit the doctor, chiropractor, massage, physiotherpist, and others.  After a few weeks, they would always say I have passed their tests and I am now fine.  The problems was, I didn't feel fine, so I started looking outside what I considered the "norm".  After receiving my first BodyTalk session, I knew my life was taking a radically different direction than what I have mapped out for myself.  For the first time in probably FOREVER, I felt really good, optimistic, and positive.  So I started asking what else is there I haven't yet discovered. 

I am now an Access Bars Facilitator, and Body Process Practitioner, Energetic Facelift Practitioner, BodyTalk Practitioner, Chakradance and Conscious Dance Facilitator, and have studied Accunect, Reiki, HelioSol, Source Point, Meditation, and More! 

I love taking classes and sharing what I have learned with others!  One of my biggest takeaways is the power of asking questions and how it can expand possibilities. Nothing is cemented in stone.  Everything is changeable. 


If you would like me to be part of your journey, visit www.balancedlivinghc.com to find out more about me, the services and classes I offer, and to book a session.   


Look forward to meeting you!


With BodyTalk, I have completed:
Principles of Consciousness
Lymphatic Drainage and Applied A & P
Macrocosmic BodyMind
Matrix Dynamics
BreakThrough 1
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