Lesa Rusher

Lesa Rusher

Naturopath,BHSci (Comp.Med),DRM,Reiki Master, CBP, CBP


Level 1,
14 Barker street
Griffith, ACT 2601

Phone: 0400404402


My Background


 I have been practicing BodyTalk since August 2005.  Apart from the BodyTalk system, I am a fully qualified naturopath and massage therapist.  I have been a part of the natural therapies movement since 1991, as a massage therapist.  I massaged my way through my naturopathic advanced diploma, working in a variety of settings.  After graduating in naturopathy (Queensland) in 2001, I have been practicing in Canberra, Australia for the past 16 years. I have since completed my degree in Health Science (2006), while I was practicing. I attended PaRama BodyTalk Practical with John Veltheim (2007) and have  completed Bodytalk modules  1,2,3,4/7,6 and 9,with Tracey Livingston,  Kaimi  Pilpovich , Melissa Smith and Sylvia  Muiznieks, I would like to thank these instructors for passing on this revolutionary  knowledge.


PaRama Bodytalk

PaRama Bodytalk  expands on the principles of the science of energy medicine and the biophysics that underpin why BodyTalk works in the first place. PaRama uses those new findings to go far deeper into the inner workings of the bodymind complex to bring about startling and long-lasting results.


The Healing Power of Bodytalk

 I discovered Body Talk after “searching” for the modality of energy medicine, that I felt comfortable with.  When I had a sore back myself, Body Talk was the therapy that had a huge impact on my condition.  I now have no back pain.  As soon as the benefits were felt I was on the next plane to Queenstown, New Zealand to learn the first modules of this fascinating system.  Ever since using the system, my journey has been mind blowing, helping more people, more easily, with great results. 


BodyTalk & Naturopathy In Combination

I sometimes use other therapies such as herbal medicine, massage and always give nutritional advice, but have truly found that The BodyTalk System has filled the gap that was missing in conventional naturopathic practice.  You don’t need to overload on supplements, and it really is asking your body how it wants to heal and in the right sequence. This feels right to me, but if you want to know more, I have the naturopathic ‘know how’ to back up and support your body through the healing process.



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