Tracy Saboe

Tracy Saboe

Silva Method, CBP


The Sanctuary
1600 S Western Ave, 2nd Floor Suite E
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Phone: 605-370-3205


I first learned about BodyTalk from my dear friend Angela Johnson in the fall of 2011. She was just starting out learning this system and I was one of her first clients.

Over the next couple years that followed I became more and more impressed with just how quickly the BodyTalk system can heal: Physically, Emotionally, Psychologically and even Spiritually. I started training early September of 2015, and in May 2017 felt the call to get certified and so completed my Training in August of 2017.

I'm a Silva Method Mind training graduate who had been through the Life and Intuition training when I was in college back in 1999. The intuition section of Silva trains people to psychically heal people at a distance while developing intuition at the same time, and I've been practicing this successfully off and on since. Another aspect of this is, with practice, is the development of the ability to "lay on hands" to control pain, or bleeding, or even outright direct healing.

The two years I've been studying to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and have noticed that these two systems of mind development and healing are a perfect marriage for me. Having the innate wisdom of the clients BodyMind tell me when and where to lay on hands makes my Silva Training infinitely more powerful. And clients typically feel the results immediately.

At the same time I've been an avid student of Ortho-Molecular Nutrition and been a self taught student of the teachings of Linus Pauling, Thomas Levy and other cellular and molecular nutrition experts, and Graduated from Augustana College with a double major in Physics and Math.

I'm now sharing the office at The Sanctuary with Kristi Olander in Sioux Falls and have seen more then a few "miracles" since I started doing this work.

Find my website at:

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