Kathrin Andersen Schulz

Ms. Kathrin Andersen Schulz

Parama BP, Cert. Oneness Trainer, Reiki, CBP, Parama BP


New Origin - The BodyTalk Clinic
Strandpromenaden 73, 1 tv
Copenhagen, Copenhagen Østerbro 2100

Phone: +4551778850
Kathrin's Healing Space for Joyful Living


Kathrin Andersen Schulz

is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Adv. BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), Parama BodyTalk Practitioner (CPBP), Certified Oneness Trainer  & Coach, Transformational Coach and Meditation Teacher.

Born and raised in Germany, but a global citizen at heart, Kathrin has lived, studied and worked in Switzerland, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore and Chile. 

She frequently travels and facilitates Meditation workshops, Transformational Retreats and BodyTalk Sessions in many countries in South America,  Europe and Asia.

Kathrin has been passionately dedicated to Energy Healing and Transformational Coaching for more than 18 years, she loves to listen, teach and help her clients regain holistic balance in all areas of life and on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

Because she went through her own healing crisis, she brings valuable experience, insights and compassion to assist workshop participants and BodyTalk clients through their own healing journey.

Using intuition and innate guidance Kathrin lovingly leads her clients in their journey of (un)learning, transformation and healing.

Kathrin: "I have been passionately dedicated to energy healing and transformational coaching for the past 18 years.

In my quest for the ”perfect” all-round holistic healing modality I have been travelling the world, studied with practitioners in Europe and was allowed to learn from shamans and healers in South America.  

While living in Asia I have studied with healers and Gurus in India and learned from healing practitioners and instructors in many parts of Asia and Australia.

In 1999, while living in Hong Kong, I discovered the BodyTalk System.

After only four BodyTalk sessions I was permanently healed of a chronic Migraine and back pain I had suffered from for more than 10 years since a car accident in 1988.

At the same time I felt overall more balanced and had gained more clarity and harmony in all aspects of my life.

Even my relationships improved to a level I could previously only dream of.

I was amazed by these results, and I knew I had found my “perfect” healing modality!”

When in wonderful synchronicity Dr. John Veltheim came to Hong Kong only three weeks later, Kathrin studied Module 1&2 with him and shortly after she was blessed to study BreakThrough, Mindscape and the next newly developed BodyTalk Modules, again taught by the founder himself!

In 2000, Kathrin got certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner and moved to Singapore where she opened her BodyTalk Practice “New Origin".

Over the years Kathrin has completed all BodyTalk modules, she is now an Advanced BodyTalk and Parama Practitioner and keeps continuously studying and upgrading her knowledge and skills."

After 14 years in Singapore Kathrin moved to South America and now lives in Santiago, Chile, together with her husband and their two sons.

Here she runs a lively BodyTalk Practice and Healing Centre situated in a Nature Sanctuary. 

Most of her clients come to her through referrals from other content clients.

Beside powerful private BodyTalk sessions Kathrin facilitates Meditation Circles, Spiritual Workshops and Transformational Retreats.

Kathrin: "I love every minute of living my vision, it is my passion to help others to awaken to their own healing powers, to be whole, to transform their lives, to love themselves unconditionally, to be joyful, to be free and shine their light in this beautiful world!!!!!"


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