Sahan Jayatillake

Sahan Jayatillake



239 Grand Promenade

Dianella, WA


Based in Perth Australia, Sahan is a Certified Practitioner of the BodyTalk® Healthcare System and a member of the International BodyTalk Association and the Australian BodyTalk Association.

Originally from Sri Lanka, Sahan and his family moved from Sri Lanka to Australia in 1990 when he was thirteen years old. Sahan’s rich and varied background and daily observations have always inspired his work and life – from an exuberant childhood in Sri Lanka, through to exciting Melbourne, to the scenic beauty of Western Australia, his travels through Europe, USA, Asia and Australia, his studies in science, dance, and art, and various business ventures and voluntary work in youth development to costuming to choreography and staging for performances overseas and around Australia.

He had a multi-faith upbringing for almost 30 years of his life. Understandings he gained from these faiths, along with various meditation practices, steered him to a deeper spirituality. Integrating with this vantage point his love of healing, philosophy, and sciences, he was able to gain a broader understanding of the mechanisms of existence.

In 2015, a lifetime of science, business, art, spirituality, and creativity culminated in the most astounding manner: The BodyTalk® System crossed his path. It was an easy transition. Intensive studies followed to become a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner. To date, Sahan has trained directly with BodyTalk's Founder, Dr. John Veltheim (USA) and International BodyTalk Instructors, Morag Bromfield (South Africa), Dale Fox (South Africa), Wilma Grobbelaar (Australia), and Andy Spencer (United Kindom).

Sahan runs his BodyTalk private practice from Perth, Western Australia with distance sessions given worldwide. Clients come to de-stress or to better manage trauma, depression, infections, allergies and intolerances, musculoskeletal issues, circulatory problems, neurological disorders, strokes, urogenital and reproductive issues, relationships, sexuality, goals, career, finances and specific men’s and women’s health issues.

At the core of what Sahan does there is integrity, precision, sensitivity, and understanding. His naturally intuitive, jovial, and attentive nature is liked by his clients and complements his work as a BodyTalk Practitioner perfectly.

Future Goals with BodyTalk

Sahan is committed to continued education in the BodyTalk® system. Currently, he is completing advanced modules in BodyTalk to keep abreast of the latest developments and new techniques. He will also undertake studies in BodyTalk for animals and plants. He will then progress to PaRama BodyTalk, which is similar to doctorate work for the BodyTalk® system.

With a passion for teaching, he has his sights set on becoming a Certified BodyTalk Instructor to train new practitioners and to bring BodyTalk Access through the Access Outreach program to communities where health care is not readily available.

He will also work to bring BodyTalk sessions to the military, war veterans, and their families, especially in the USA [article 1] where a “2004 survey of military members and families found 81% who reported using nonconventional modalities and 69% of respondents desiring more Integrative Medicine options within the Military Health System (MHS).” [article 2]

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