Mimi Thorp

Mimi Thorp



Kelowna, BC

Phone: 250-801-1502


Mimi began her journey with BodyTalk in April 2016 after experiencing immense changes to her physical and emotional well-being through receiving BodyTalk sessions herself.

She was amazed how BodyTalk was able to not only address the physical symptoms but go deep into the very heart of the matter and address her health in a complete and holistic way.

With the help of BodyTalk she was able to overcome chronic back pain and other limiting health issues that neither Western medicine or other alternative methods had been able to shift.  But in addition, she also experienced profound changes in her overall relationships, outlook on life and emotional wellbeing.

Curious to learn more about how BodyTalk works she began by taking Mindscape to access her own intuition about herself and the world around her.  She has since taken multiple courses, such as BodyTalk Fundamentals, Fundamentals for Animals, BodyTalk Integration, Linking Awareness, Principles of Consciousness, Macrocosmic Bodymind and Matrixes.  She certified as a BodyTalk Practitioner in April 2017.

Mimi is excited to share this powerful modality as a path to health and overall wellbeing and would love to support you in your own journey to access your full potential, body, mind and soul.

Please contact Mimi to book a session, she's available in her clinic space or by distance session. 
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