Crystal Leah Horne

Crystal Leah Horne



Sessions available Tuesday- Friday 9am - 3pm
Or alternate weekends
In person or distance, Dundee Scotland

Phone: 07880553929


My name is Crystal and I come across BodyTalk in 2014. 
I was suffering with anxiety and PTSD due to an abusive relationship.
I had sessions over the year which gave me great support during a really hard time.

I started off as a beauty therapist and have worked in many fields over the years including retail, fitness, entertainment and the service industry.

Over the last few years I completed level 1 and 2 Councelling skills Course  and levels 1 and 2 in Reiki. 

Until now, I always felt there was something missing.

BodyTalk has changed my life. It helped me find myself, my confidence my passion and a newfound enthusiasm for life.

BodyTalk helps me feel free to be myself whilst having healthy boundaries and a higher regard for myself. I look forward to offering these same gifts to others. 

 I am excited for the future and for the rest of the advanced modules. 

The courses I have taken so far are:-

June 2016         Fundamentals
October 2016     Mindscape 
March 2017       Module 3 (Principles Of Consciousness)
July 2017          Advanced Mindscape 
October 2017     Eastern Medicine 
November 2017  The Souls Journey
December 2017  The Metaphysics Of Treating. 
August 2018       Body Ecology 
October 2018      Module 6 (Microcosmic Bodymind) 
October 2018      Module 9 (Matrix Dynamics)
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