Magdelena Messenger

Magdelena Messenger

Past Life Practitioner, CBP


10436 Santa Monica Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: 310-770-9866


I used to make fun of Psychics and Healers, until I started working as one. And when I did, I said I was in Telemarketing/Customer Service. Not too spiritual of me, making up a story, but I was dealing with my own skepticism. I had been happy in the Art Business for many years, but now, I felt like God had grabbed me by the long, blonde hair and said: You’re going to be working as a Psychic, helping people with their Romantic Relationships, Business Problems and Parenting Issues. I didn’t really understand it. However, it seemed to be working for my Clients. They kept calling. My business kept building.

After about a decade working as a Psychic, a friend, who was a somewhat famous Psychic, took me aside:

“Magdelena,” she said, “you are missing your REAL gift. YOU’RE A HEALER.”

I was horrified. In a million years, I did not want to be a Healer. My definition of a Healer was someone who couldn’t get a real job. And for goodness' sake, I didn’t even know where my liver is.

Being nothing if not courageous, I dove into the work of being a Healer:

  • A woman’s right side was aching and inflamed. I told her that her marriage needed to be reviewed and possibly, released, whenever she was ready. She was floored at all the details I knew about her relationship with her husband. She let me know later that her physical issues disappeared as soon as she decided to divorce.

  • A three year old cerebral palsy child, who had never sat up in her life, could sit up and play when I worked on her and for some hours thereafter.

  • I did healing work for a woman, who had her thyroid removed due to Cancer. During the 45 minute session, she alternated between overheating, drenched with sweat  to teeth chattering, freezing cold.  Her alarmed boyfriend was loading her into the car, meanwhile, and driving her to the emergency room. The extreme body temperature changes stopped when I concluded the session.

This was the Healing Modality, 'formerly known as Magdelena', and not only was I not impressed, now I was also scared. I didn’t understand what was happening. Not to me and not to my clients... I’m not arrogant, so taking some kind of credit for these apparently “good results” didn’t suit me either. As an ethical person, I had to have some answers before continuing. I stopped working as a Healer after three months.

Seven years later, I walked into a BodyTalk class without ever having received a session, knowing almost nothing about it. I thought maybe after all this time, I would find out the location of my liver.

I did. I found out where my liver is, as well as my gallbladder, stomach and spleen. All in one day. I found out that Body Talk addresses my Intuitive and Healing gifts, with a structure based in science. It’s the Medicine of the Future, I keep hearing myself tell clients. Now I truly enjoy being a Healer and Psychic in the form of being a Body Talk Practitioner.

I love how the body is waiting to be heard. And then, how the body responds so graciously with relief, release and regeneration through communication. I love stories and everyone’s Bodymind has a series of stories to tell. I move from one story to the next, one focus to another, as the Bodymind does its exquisite dance of re-MEMBERING itself from the quarks and the quanta to the consciousness and the kinetics.

The Body Talk sessions have done so much for Clients with whom I have already had the privilege to work. So please call me. I love to work remotely. Or in person in my office. I look forward to working with you.

Much love and thank you for reading my story,

Magdelena Messenger

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