Candice T. Aguirre

Candice T. Aguirre

Spiritual Coach, Reiki, Author, BAT, CBP


The BodyTalk Office
9638 N. 16th Street, Bldg C
Phoenix, AZ

Phone: 650-454-4475


Candice T. Aguirre is a Certified BodyTalk practitioner and Access Trainer with additional credentials in Elementary Education, AASI, Reiki, Spiritual Coaching and Emergency Medicine. She also the produced the documentary The Future of Medicine to explore and share natural healing on a deep level. Her journey to explore all the modalities out there deeped her confidence in The BodyTalk System and its uniquely holistic approach. Her son is 8 years old and loves BodyTalk too. In addition to practicing BodyTalk, she has written 2 children's books to help kids get a good start with mindset and self mastery.


Candice has completed and is continually monitoring Modules 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and Right Brain Practical.  She is enrolled in Parama College and continues to monitor the courses she has taken and participates in livestream videos with the founder of BodyTalk to keep her skills fresh. She is also an Access Trainer and teaches the powerful one-day BodyTalk Access Class. 


Note from Candice: “BodyTalk changed my life. It really woke me up to myself and my potential for health and happiness. What’s great is that it all happens so organically, change that is. Don’t wait until life tells you that you’ve had enough, or that you can’t handle things anymore, or that you’re just carrying around too much… don’t wait for that illness or disease to manifest… come in now for some BodyTalk and let’s have a look at how to best support you so that your body can heal the way nature intended. There’s no reason for you not to be your most authentic, powerful, amazing self. I truly believe we can all live healthy, happy lives… it’s just up to us when we are ready.”

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