Niamh Doolan

Ms. Niamh Doolan



18 Evergreen Ave.

Neptune City, NJ 07753

Phone: 732-988-0195


I have been a practicing member of the IBA since 2001.

BodyTalk Trainings: 
The complete BodyTalk System,  Right Brain Practical,  Parama 1 & 2, Eastern Medicine and Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers,  The Soul’s Journey,  Mindscape,  Body Ecology, EpiGenetics, The BodyIntuitive Sytem.

I have a background in Homeopathy, BioGeometry, dowsing, and soul readings and clearing.

My attunements are spiritual and vibrational science, metaphysics, consciousness, and soul-chology, while always synchronizing with the priority of innate intelligence via the diverse interface of the BodyTalk procedure chart.

Not surprisingly, using innate intelligence as my Sherlock, my BodyTalk tends to reflect my innate gift to decode and unravel the multiple mechanisms and complexities of how our experience of life is created, bringing awareness and distinction to the subconscious patterns, convictions, and compensations that drive the outpicturing of our reality, contrary to our conscious intentions and desires.
Having studied Homeopathic psychology in depth for 5 years I can blend that with revealing how biology and biography mirror, and how compensations for trauma and learned inhibition reflect through all the levels of our being, right down into the epigenetic, biochemical, and cellular levels. All this can be addressed in the context of its, often multi-faceted , inception and layering, using fundamental BodyTalk tools, as well as speciality BodyTalk studies in Epigenetics, Body Ecology, including microbiome and immune system balances, and Parama BodyTalk, with its quantum access and it’s in-depth exploration into brain communication and repair.  

I have an innate capacity to feel the client’s movement of energy in my own body, which permits me to distinguish the completeness and effectiveness of the links and formulas. Besides that, Light language often expresses spontaneously in session through my hands and speaking to expand, deepen, and support the integration of shifts through the bodymind. I also have a penchant for word precision, believing that calibrated words capture the exact vibration of an emotional experience, and in that acts like a homeopathic simillimum that resolves that emotional charge/residue with facility. 

I love BodyTalk for the versatility and open-endedness of its interface, and for the magnitude it provide in what is possible to address outside the defines of what we normally consider possible, with a facility that can represent as magical in its speed of shift. Though interfacing with a person’s innate intelligence, it is possible to identify the individualized factors and components resulting in symptoms, pathology, and life experience, allowing the bodymind to liberate the trapped vital force, and to unwind/repair/release the compensatory coping externalizations, at whatever level they express.

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