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Online via Zoom
Online, UK


Register & pay before 19th August for only £450 (save £100 off normal rate).

Payment by bank transfer, or Paypal. Monitor rate (those repeating the class) is £137.50 (IBA members), £275 (Life Science Members and non-IBA members).


Join me for a class which will change your life!! My focus for MindScape is showing you a glimpse of what is possible! I am passionate about helping people live their full potential.

EVERYONE WELCOME! No pre-requisites for the class, this is open to anyone (including non-BodyTalkers).

As we are doing the class online I am doing the extended version! Just adding in some extra content I don't always get time to say :D Plus more time for breaks & questions!

Ongoing support after class is available. Additional Q&A session 6-8 weeks after class included also.

Manual supplied.

Find out more about the class here: Click Here

The class will be delivered on Zoom! You will need to attend all the class times.

Times given are BST - London, UK timing.

All the information for the class will be sent to you via email.

Any questions? Please drop me an email

"I signed up to Mindscape in February 2020 with an open mind and no expectations as to what I would gain from the course. Having completed the course over 2 days, to say my mind was blown is an understatement. I left the course with an energy that was infectious and wanted everyone to experience what I had experienced. I also took part in some sessions that Eloise did online during lockdown which reinforced what I had learned during the course but also made me commit to myself again.

As a tool, Mindscape has been fundamental to my journey of self-discovery. It has opened my mind to look within myself & has enabled me to make "brave" decisions and trust my gut. At times when I have needed clarity, I trust that Mindscape will point me in the right direction. Checking into Mindscape regularly has also shown me how I am evolving over time.

Mindscape is a phenomenal course and for me personally, it has been life-changing. I highly recommend it!!" Arlene (Nov 2021)

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