Svetlana Transka-Lea

Mrs. Svetlana Transka-Lea

Life Coach, Mental Fitness Coach, ENAR Therapist, CBP


Shailer park
Shailer Park, QLD 4128

Phone: 0435315655


Svetlana Transka-Lea embodies a nurturing and compassionate approach that envelops those she encounters with a sense of safety and understanding. Growing up in simplicity, deeply connected to nature, she embraces the essence of returning to our innate wholeness, guiding others on this journey with grace and care. 

Certified as a BodyTalk practitioner since 2022, alongside being a Certified Heroic Performance (Life) Coach, ENAR Therapist, and Mental Fitness Coach, Svetlana infuses her work with a blend of expertise, example and genuine warmth. Her journey began in the rugged Bulgarian mountains, followed by a leap into the unknown straight after the opening of post-communist borders in 1999, leading her to complete a Master's in Business Administration at Hult International Business School in London. Settling finally in Brisbane, Australia, with her Australian husband and two sons, she found a sense of belonging amidst the beauty of the Australia nature and lifestyle. 

After over fifteen years in the dynamic world of international business development in the conventions and business events industry, Svetlana's path evolved towards her true calling—empowering others to live with zest, purpose and vitality. Her advocacy for mindful living is grounded in a profound connection to nature, encouraging individuals to listen to their inner voice and embrace a lifestyle that nurtures mind, body, and spirit. 

Driven by a deep-seated commitment to serving others, Svetlana's gentle guidance fosters personal growth and holistic whole-person healing. With an understanding of the interconnectedness of life's facets, she invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery with kindness, love, and unwavering support. 

With her nurturing guidance, individuals learn to take charge of their own healingprioritise optimise essentials such as breath, hydration, sleep, nutrition, movement, the ability to focus, etc in small, consistent steps ultimately leading them to truly FLOURISH.

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