Mariette Janse van Rensburg

Mariette Janse van Rensburg



Nentabos street
Willows Boutique Hotel
Lynnwood, GP
South Africa

Phone: 0847939727


BodyTalk helped me through the worst time in my life. My husband was shot to death and I found him and tried to revive him as I waited for the ambulance to arrive.

I was diagnosed with severe depression and PTSD. Psychologist after psychologist couldn’t help me. I was finally referred to a BodyTalk practitioner by my GP and only then did the true healing start. Due to the traumatic loss and the losses following that, I was not only emotionally devastated, but physically as well. BodyTalk helped me start the healing process of my body and mind. It’s a work in progress, but without BodyTalk I wouldn’t be where I am today.

During 2023, I started exploring energy healing as a new career path. My BodyTalk practioner, Lucua, became my mentor on this extraordinary path. I first completed Reiki to Master level and then moved on to BodyTalk Fundamentals. I completed my Fundamentals course and got certified in October of 2023.

I have a background in the academic and business fields. I studied at the University of Pretoria for a BA degree, after which I furthered my studies in Graphic and Web Design, Web Development and finally some Programming Languages. I started my career as Student Assistant at the University of Pretoria and left their employment after 10 years as a Senior Programmer and Analyst. I moved to a small rural town in Mpumalanga and got involved in my husband's family business. I was manager, HR and stock controller all rolled into one. In 2017 my husband and myself bought the business and built it into a lucrative grocery store with a bakery and butchery. During COVID the business was hit very hard and I took secondary employment as a Designer for a Cabinetry Firm. We sold the business in 2021, but continued to manage the grocery/convenience store for the new owner .

My unique experiences and background gives me a different approach to life and to helping people heal themselves. BodyTalk is not only a career to me, but a calling. Life threw me hard punches, but I survived and through my survival I found a new depth of empathy with humankind.

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