Michelle Boule

Michelle Boule

Dancer, Life + Business Coach, Healer, CBP



Missoula, MT .

Phone: 347 731 8397


Michelle Boulé is a Transformational Life and Business Coach, Dancer, and Healer with a unique methodology. Her work gives creative artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders all over the world the clarity they need to manifest their visions and align with their truth confidently. She offers online group programs, private coaching, speaking, and in-person retreats, and her work has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Thrive Global, Bloomberg Businessweek, Dance Magazine, and The Today Show, amongst others. Using the same creativity, embodiment, and meticulous attention to mindset that created her award-winning international dance career, Michelle ushers her clients through profound transformation, specifically around finding their own brilliance and “spiritually aligned” prosperity. With over 25 years of practice in somatic therapies, energy medicine, mindset psychology, and spirituality, the heart of her work is LOVE.

MORE INFO: Michelle has studied the body and movement for over 40 years. An award-winning dancer, choreographer and teacher of international renown, she has always believed that creativity, movement and healing are inextricably linked. A dance injury at the age of 16 opened her eyes to the possibilities of holistic healthcare, and her intimate understanding over the years of how the body moves, has led to an ability to connect to clients with precision and compassion in her practice of energy and consciousness-based medicine. Michelle became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in 2008, immediately recognizing it to be one of the most comprehensive, effective and efficient healthcare modalities she had ever encountered. It transformed her life, to say the least, by giving her a profoundly different understanding of how the body, mind and spirit find vitality and health. She maintains her certification through continued study with the International BodyTalk Association and has completed all of the Advanced Module training. She adds to this an already broad repertoire of healing modalities studied over the course of 25 years, including SourcePoint Therapy, BioGeometry®, Cardinal Method of Life Connection, Yuen Method, Body-Mind Centering®, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Alexander Technique, Franklin Method, Feldenkrais Method, yoga, Ayurveda, and contemporary performance.


Michelle’s coaching includes so much of her research as a dance artist/healer and because her programs include meditation, movement prompts, and simple somatic practices, I am able to embody more awareness and a deeper sense of gratitude in my body. I can appreciate the places where I want to grow with less shame and more courage. I have greater faith in myself and that my needs will be met. K. Go, Filipinx Dance Artist & Community Engager, (Philosopher, and Linguist)

I wanted to start to heal from an old 'stuckness' that I experienced in relation to money. Last but not least, I wanted to create loving boundaries around my work and loving boundaries with others. Lots of wins & expansion! I've reached out to many different people and got many new opportunities all at once. For the first time in my life, I've truly, truly felt excited about the possibilities that life may offer for me. At times, I also felt like I became a sort of 'center' and a connector between many different people. - L.N., Composer / Sound Artist

Working with Michelle has been life-changing and transformative. It helped me get the fire of my work burning and will fuel me for the rest of my life. I took leaps of faith that led to many big shifts for my dance and coaching careers. I’ve made business decisions with more confidence, I’m supporting my clients in ways that I never thought were possible, and I’m earning more income than ever before. Nicole Mannarino, Fitness and Mindset Coach I was at the beginning of a growth process that was moving very slowly and did not have much shape or structure. I needed to change and expand, but didn’t know how to do that. I had a lot of anxiety and fundamentally didn’t trust myself, my capacity, or my worthiness. Working with Michelle has reversed all of that. I’m now on the path to having a thriving business as an artist. I understand what I’m worth and am not afraid to ask for it. I have no shame in wanting an enormous life, and most importantly, I understand my own power, my own capacity, and am strongly rooted in my own inner authority. I am finally letting all my ideas, new directions, and desires unfold and pull me forward. Corrine Spencer, Artist - Brooklyn, NY

I don’t know how Michelle does what she does, but it works. In our work together, she has consistently been able to clearly identify things that I want to shift, in a way I haven’t quite been able to articulate for myself up to that point. And, she always does it with so much compassion that I really feel safe.

I never feel like she is trying to ‘fix’ me. Instead, she’s fully invested in supporting me to tap into the truest, fullest, most vibrant version of myself. Even when she challenges me (which is a lot!), she is able to do so without making me feel guilty or blamed, but rather supported to step forward into new ways of being with myself and in the world.
Laura G. - Durham, NC

Michelle fundamentally changed my attitude, my thinking, and my beliefs around pursuing my dreams and creating abundance. With her help, I finished a project I'd been working on for years, and I left my day job for a better one, a job that literally paid three times what I was making before. While I understand the worry about spending the money, the investment made me focus and prioritize much more than I would have otherwise. The cost more than paid for itself, and I honestly don't think I would have made the changes without her.

Patrick - Missoula, MT

Michelle’s process is fascinating to me! There was something about being able to witness Michelle in her power — connecting with her (and all of our) guides so fiercely, was incredibly inspiring to me. And, being in the hot seat to experience that kind of communication firsthand was truly transformative. I would highly recommend working with Michelle!!
Kayla Castellon - Miami, FL

Michelle helped me realize so many incredible things about myself and my life. She helped me realize that I’ve been living in my past, and that I can move on from the pain, live in the present, and be the best I can be for myself and my family! She has a truly been a lifesaver.
Tina Ohme - Leland, IL

Michelle is a guru and always amazes me with her insight, wisdom, and joy. I can feel her love even through the computer screen and trust her belief in me. I always recommend Michelle’s work! It creates a shift, even if I can’t quite explain to others how. It is an opportunity to go deeper and learn more about yourself, to start asking the right questions, to experience joy.

Ann Duffy - Pre-School Teacher & Dance Artist – Brooklyn, NY

Michelle Boulé is a game changer—knowledgeable, professional, astutely observant. Her years of artistic practice inform her work as much as does her wide open heart, and create space for incredible shifts in perception and health. I’m so glad we crossed paths when we did!

Tori Amoscato - Owner, Lark Acupuncture + Wellness – Los Angeles, CA

What a wonderful feeling to set up with the video if your course “Let it Go, Let it Flow.” Such powerful work. So moving to be with everyone in such an intimate space. I felt like everyone's questions were applicable to me. At times I fell asleep and came back. 

Setting myself up in the morning with your free 15-minute offering, heart centered moving and writing practice- and then this treasure- has me feeling very buoyant and supported. A huge and timely shift. 

Thank you for so intuitively offering, sharing, and holding space. You have helped immensely at a time when I am so very in-between and not sure of whats coming next. Im reminded of where home is- inside me, accessible at any time. Deep gratitude to you, and big love.

Devika Wickremesinghe - Los Angeles, CA 

I was deeply moved by my session with Michelle; her work was something I didn't know I needed. I felt so empowered afterward to speak my truth and take action about the obvious distress that came up, that I cleared the rest of my day to do so. I thank you for the needed nudge, your wisdom, and kindness.

N.G. - Brooklyn, NY 

"I love the work you do so much and I was happy to reconnect to it and you. I'm certain it contributed to my very happy birth experience. So grateful.”

Anna Carapetyan - Doula - Brooklyn, NY

BodyTalk Course Training

BodyTalk Access, Fundamentals, Fundamentals Integration, Principles of Consciousness, Bio–Dynamics, Macrocosmic BodyMind, Matrix Dynamics, Body Chemistry Specifics, Mindscape, BreakThrough 1, FreeFall 1 & 2, The Soul’s Journey, Founders Intensive, BodyEcology, Evolve Epigenetics

Additional Training

SourcePoint Therapy Modules 1, 2, & 3, Cardinal Method of Life Connection, BioGeometry Foundation Levels, BodySex Workshop, Embodied Flow Body Module, Yuen Method, Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Fitzmaurice Voicework, Byron Katie’s Forgiving Mind, David Neagle’s Art of Success Summit + Date With Your Dark Side +The Elite Mind

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