Laura Mitchell (Wilde)

Ms. Laura Mitchell (Wilde)

Agape, IPD, B of Arts, Ivy League Cert., BAT, CBP, Parama BP


Wilde's Magikal Wellness
By Appt/ House Calls Available
Los Angeles , CA 90094



Coach Laura Mitchell Wilde

Practicing in Playa Vista, CA. 

I bring my Consciousness-based studies, the teachings I've learned from Dr. Michael Beckwith, my meditation practice, and the brilliant concepts of BodyTalk together for miraculous and profound sessions. 


Through BodyTalk I have and my clients have experienced 

remarkable healing. First, it worked for me and my family and changed our health. Then, I started on the path to learning the entire system and became certified. 

love my work and I invite you to try this profound, gentle, 

transformational work. I do in person and distance sessions.

John Veltheim - BodyTalk founder - himself trained me to teach Acces in 2012.  I'll come teach to your group or family!


  • Mindscape Enthusiast
  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner
  • BodyTalk Access Instructor
  • Elite Athlete Specialist
  • Former NCAA Head Basketball Coach
  • Two-Sport Scholarship College Athlete
  • Sports Energy Medicine


Before finding BodyTalk, Coach Mitchell spent nearly a decade as an NCAA Head Basketball Coach.


Laura began her BodyTalk journey in LA in 2007, became a 

BodyTalk practitioner the following year, and continued on the path to become certified with all of the advanced courses and PaRama levels So she could learn and absorb this life-changing work. 


Laura has taken Fundamentals (Mods 1&2) at least seven 

times, Fundamental Integration, Principles of Consciousness, 

Bio-Dynamics, Lymphatic Drainage, Macrocosmic 

BodyMind, Matrix Dynamics, Advanced Modules Integration, Mindscape, Breakthrough, Body Ecology, Finding Health with Dr. John Veltheim (levels 1 & 2) and 

PaRama, and is a BodyTalk Access Teacher.

She also teaches Sports Energy Medicine to personal trainers and physical therapists. 


BodyTalk Los Angeles and Beyond

Study Group Website


Check out and keep up with what's going on in LA - study groups for BodyTalk practitioners and people who want to learn more or connect with the local BT students and practitioners can find their tribe here:


Athletes and Sports

Sports Energy Medicine™ 
Sports Energy Medicine is Coach Mitchell's proprietary blend of holistic healing modalities, plus the Intuitive Player Development system and Performance Energy Integration Technique she created. It's the perfect thing for athletes who want to get healthier, prevent injuries, and unleash their inner champion. Mitchell is the author of many articles and blogs and reports to help athletes and coaches. Learn more:

Coach Mitchell will complete the Columbia University Ivy League Certificate in Sports Management in October, 2017.


For her body of work with student athletes, Coach Mitchell was chosen as a Sports Ethics Fellow by the Institute of International Sport and the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Mitchell is an Associate Trainer with the Positive Coaching Alliance.

Mitchell has worked with many internationally known athletes including NFL players and coaches, General Managers, and players past and present, NBA players past and present, players preparing for the draft, an NFL Team Surgeon, WNBA coaches, NCAA coaches, and professional ballet dancers who have injuries, chronic pain, or who need pre and post surgery sessions. Mitchell also works with anyone who would like to raise their mind-body performance levels, increase team chemistry and have super results on the court or field. Her creation of Intuitive Player Development™ has been instrumental in helping players access the zone and play in flow.

Laura can work with you to improve your athletic accomplishments.

Transformational Coaching for Athletes
Mitchell's experience as a standout 2 sport NCAA athlete, NCAA Head Basketball Coach, High School Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, and Track Coach, Assistant Athletic Director, college athlete, sports advisor for elite athletes, gives her a unique approach to her athletic and non-athletic clientele. For the non-athlete client, Laura's coaching has also been transformational. People find new careers, healthier relationships, better parenting experiences, and understand better how to be in their purpose.

In other words, athletes, teams, coaches, or anyone who wants to take their health, their game or their life to the next level who use Intuitive Player Development ™ combined with BodyTalk™ will likely find a great appreciation for their newfound excellence. When you work with Laura, your champion within will be revealed.

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