Sandra Borgonovo

Ms. Sandra Borgonovo

BA, MA, Astrologer, Parama, CBP


Avenida la Capilla No. 250
Soya Nutribar, Colonia San Benito
San Salvador,
El Salvador

Phone: 503-2563-0976


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BA, MA Tufts University 1996, Boston, MA
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, July 2011, 
Advanced BodyTalk and Parama BodyTalk 2012,
PSYCH-K Certification, Access Consciousness, Access Facelift, Transpersonal Psychology, and Jungian Psychological Astrology.
BodyTalk for Trauma. Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian.

BodyTalk is for all conditions, body, mind and spirit, healing and personal growth and awakening.  You do not have to be ill to come to BodyTalk. 

"It is the way of understanding that leads to integration, peace, and freedom within."  

With BodyTalk, we more consciously understand our journey and integrate our experiences. We access the body's natural healing and wisdom thus transforming life into a more beautiful, aware experience. 

BodyTalk helps you release what is blocking your healing abd recommunicates and strengthens your bodymind for optimal healing and long-term wellness. BodyTalk is an effective yet soft therapy for pain, trauma and immune disorders. 

With BodyTalk, letting go of unhealthy patterns and habits becomes easier. We find ourselves creating by just being, rather than feeling life as a constant struggle.  We access a natural joy.  

Shift your relationship to life and health. 

Working Worldwide Online and in-person in Central America. 

About Sandra Borgonovo:  Sandra grew up in the United States and Latin America. She has a multi-cultural and spiritual background allowing her to understand diverse cultures and religious (spiritual) paths.  Her master's in International Business/Economic Development and fifteen years of work experience outside of BodyTalk, adds a practical side to her sessions. 

She will also be able to help you with BodyTalk for Business/Organizations and Career sessions. Now she is dedicated to BodyTalk full-time. Added Bonus for those interested: Astrologer, Certificate, London School of Psychological Astrology, 2018.  


English, Spanish, French, Italian 

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