Ingrid Dukker

Ingrid Dukker

CBP, Parama BP


7Ardilea Ave
New Zealand

Phone: 0064 3 5477044


Bio  Ingrid Dukker

Its been an interesting journey through life to now find myself totally captivated and immersed in BodyTalk.

I grew up in Holland, my early years during the second world war. On completion of my high school years I started my nursing training in Holland (not completed) before emigrating to South Africa when I was 19 years old. I was married in South Africa and we had our first child, a daughter there, before emigrating to New Zealand in 1962, where we had two more daughters. A considerable part of my life was therefore taken up with bringing up children combined with acquiring word processing and bookkeeping skills and becoming the office manager in my husbands consulting engineering practice.

The children are married and now have their own families. This radical change allowed me for the first time in my life to develop my own interests which had until then had been suppressed due to lack of time.

One of my interest has always been different alternative healing methods and now I had time to learn about several different alternative healing methods. I learned Reiki and hold level 1 and 2 certificates, I learned about Holistic pulsing, acupuncture point therapy and furthered my studies in nutrition. It amazed me how my life was changing with all these new experiences.

Unexpectedly, life changed again dramatically. My husbands work took us to Malaysia for six months, from there to Indonesia for two years and then on to Vietnam for nearly three years. Living in these countries with totally different languages, needs, habits and religions was a further eye opening experience. We can learn so much from each other.

On return to New Zealand the opportunity arose to work as a Colon therapist. Firstly 1 was trained in New Zealand and then did a correspondence course from Australia. I completed my studies with three weeks practical and an exam in Australia under John Brunigen. I 'am a certified Colon therapist and hold a certificate in Colon Irrigation from the Australian Institute of Health. 1 then continued working in the New Zealand Clinic, where I was first trained.

As life would have it, it was working in the NZ colon clinic that I was first introduced to "BodyTalk. 1I attended an introductory evening now some four years ago and life again took a new turn. I became totally immersed in this wonderful therapy. It was as if life had been leading me to this one point in life, to give to me what I now believe had been waiting for me. To say that "BodyTalk' has changed my life, would be an understatement. I run a "BodyTalk” clinic from our home in Nelson. I 'am a certified "BodyTalk' practitioner and a member of the "International BodyTalk Association.

Ingrid Dukker
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
7 Ardilea Ave
Phone 0064 3 5477044



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