Lilo Kunz

Lilo Kunz

CBP, Par.BP, Dipl. of Remedial Massage, BAT, CBP, Parama BP


232 A Miller Street, North Sydney

Sydney, NSW 2060

Phone: 0400 88 74 07


BODYTALK - discover the most revolutionary way from ILL-ness to WELL-ness 

I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP), BT Parama2 level student and i' m thrilled to NOW teach BodyTalk Access as well.

Starting in 2002, I have taken all the modules that focus on human health care as well as Breakthrough 1&2 and Mindscape. I like to thank Dr. John Veltheim and his wife Esther for their inspirational teachings and Sylvia Musznieks for her support in becoming an Access Trainer.

My background before becoming a mother of two and moving around the world and discovering “ENERGY HEALING”, was purely commercial orientated with studies in management and marketing. But like so many parents have experienced, sickly kids free up the way to explore new grounds – I haven’t stop learning and gaining an understanding of different ways&views of what life/health is all about.

Reiki, Touch for Health, Remedial Massage, Bowen, BodyTalk, Psych-K and Reconnection Healing are some of the fascinating modalities I ventured in and learnt – but
BodyTalk -  had and still has the most powerful impact
on my life, my family and all the people that have come in contact with it.

So don't wait, discover now what healing forces your body can mobilise, once it's heard, supported and balanced. Yes, improve your life quality and join the network of happier, healthier clients.

Or come and learn 5  very powerful BodyTalk techniques in a one day seminar - to empower yourself to get better and help others as well.
To get a little taste and start your balancing process already – press the CORTICES video on this homepage, listen to  Dr. John Veltheim's explanations and join in when he is demonstrating the Cortices – the first step to a healthier you ?.

If you need more information about the ways
- BodTalk can balance your body (physically – mentally-emotionally and energetically)
- or where to learn the one-day BodyTalk Access course
- or what is needed and which are the rewards to coordinate a course for me

 – please call  0400 88 74 07 


Looking forward to being part of your  health care strategy.

Lilo Kunz 





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