Juana Castanheira

Ms. Juana Castanheira

BodyTalk for Animals, Access Bars Facilitator, Linking Awareness, doTerra Wellness Advocate, CBP, AdvCBP


Sonoma Energy Medicine
424 8th Street, Suite A
Santa Rosa , CA 95401

Phone: 415-238-6254


My introduction to BodyTalk was very unusual.  In 1995, I had transitioned from the legal field as a intellectual property paralegal into the non-profit world at a Buddhist community center. Then in 2005, I opened a floatation business in San Francisco called "Wanna Float?" (pretty cool, huh?)  Then in 2009, I was getting ready to shift my life again; this time to my original passion which was languages.  As you can tell, I had been searching for my calling for a long time.

In 1980, I had studied interpretation and translation in Switzerland.  My skills were rusty and so the goal was to refresh my simultaneous interpretation and translation skills in French, Spanish and English.  

During a Vedic astrological reading in 2010, I was introduced to BodyTalk.  Health and wellness had always been a personal passion of mine and I was always learning about new research on the role nutrition, detox, exercise, hydration, and meditation have in our day to day lives.  

As a daughter who had accompanied as a caregiver both my mother's and my father's experience with cancer and my brother's successful battle with end-stage liver disease, I felt a sense of urgency to understand the underlying causes of disease and how to prevent it.

In 2000, I began my adventure by taking a class "Opening to Intuition" and shortly after that, in 2001, Carolyn Myss introduced me to the idea that thoughts and belief systems affect our health, but I was still new to the idea of consciousness-based energy medicine.  As a Reiki practitioner I was aware of the energetic field of the body but BodyTalk was a new paradigm shift.  Since I had never heard of BodyTalk before, I decided to do a little research.  

I called a local BodyTalk practitioner and went in for my first session.  I immediately realized how powerful BodyTalk was and was amazed at the depth and scope of what BodyTalk could address.  After a one-day BodyTalk Access class in 2010, I decided to pursue a career as a BodyTalk practitioner. This was an easy decision to make since the experience resonated so deeply.

It is now 2016 and I am continuously amazed at the shifts my client’s experience during their sessions.  It is truly humbling to be part of a client’s healing transformation.  Every day I have appreciation for this journey I am on.  

In 2012, I travelled to Calgary to meet Loesje Jacobs and study Linking Awareness and BodyTalk for Animals; Incorporating our animal companions to my practice was also an easy decision.  From the moment I was born, I have always been surrounded by either cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, horses, and fish.  Recently I fulfilled a lifelong dream to swim with the dolphins and whales in Hawaii with Joan Ocean.

My office is located at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness, 424 8th Street,

Suite A, Santa Rosa, California.  If you would like to schedule an appointment or for more information, please call me at 415-238-6254 or email me at juana@sonomaenergymedicine.com.  

I speak Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.

New additions to my toolkit:

SourcePoint and the Avazzia ProSport micro current device to aid clients with acute and chronic pain.  The Avazzia ProSport is the non-pharmaceutical relief of pain.

Essential Oils are also part of my offerings as they aid in quick transformation on my levels - mental and emotional.

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