Juana Castanheira

Ms. Juana Castanheira

Microcurrent Biofeedback Therapist / Human Design , CBP, AdvCBP


Sonoma Energy Medicine
1160 North Dutton Street, Suite 120
Santa Rosa, CA



My name is Juana Castanheira and my passion is to help others embrace the chaos of transformation with ease, confidence and grace to achieve a harmonious life.

As a young adult, I came face to face with the transition of a loved one.  That experience led me to start questioning what it meant to be healthy.  

As I started my pursuit of good health, I soon understood that health and healing were my responsibility.  I also realized that there are conflicting messages about practically everything having to do with healing and wellness.  So I decided the best route was to cultivate my own personal relationship with my body.  My intuition told me  that my body has the capacity to heal itself if the right conditions are present.  With that understanding I slowly started focusing on maintaining a diet rich in nutritious food, good sleeping habits, daily exercise, clean water, a detoxification practice and a daily wellness routine.  Some habits were hard to break like smoking and my addiction to sugar.  It was always in the back of my mind and then one day I decided to quit.  

What I didn’t understand at first was that my state of consciousness was the underlying cause of my overall health.  I was unaware that the effects of my mental and emotional trauma, PTSD, limiting belief systems whether inherited or not and unhealthy emotions were at the root of my ill health.  

Most importantly was a persistent sense of powerlessness that caused me to make poor decisions. The belief that I was powerless to create the life I wanted made it very difficult for me to live in the present moment.  I lived in the past or the future.  The more I avoided the present, the more helpless I felt. 

To deal with all these emotions I turned to food.  I know the anguish of overeating and bulimia, depression, childhood trauma and divorce.  I have struggled through many surgeries, dealt with heavy metal toxicity, adrenal fatigue, dyslexia and anemia. 

As a family caregiver, I have witnessed both of my parents slowly succumb to cancer. I have watched several companion dogs age and finally witnessed their departure, leaving me with deep sorrow.  Loss was always something I had difficulty processing.

Then being part of a spiritual community for 30 years, I developed unhealthy spiritual bypassing tendencies and experienced spiritual abuse.  FInally, I was able to leave the community on my own and began piecing my life back together again.  It was only years later that I came to the understanding that the community was actually a cult.

When I was introduced to BodyTalk as a healing modality, it confirmed my belief in the body’s self-healing mechanism.  As I studied I learned about how our beliefs and emotions affect our lives.  A new understanding of our energetic bodies opened up for me with its new approach to maintaining health. 

Forever curious about new approaches to wellness, I added Microcurrent Biofeedback Therapy (MCT) to my practice in 2015.  MCT is Star Trek Medicine.  It is an advanced therapy using the body’s bioelectric communication system (the fascia) to permanently eliminate chronic pain and inflammation.

My passion for innovation led me to study Human Design - a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science imparting knowledge that opens the individual to the path of awakening through an understanding of the body’s sophisticated intelligence.  And then finally to the Gene Keys - a flowering from Human Design that leads one to understand and cultivate one’s own genius.  Living in alignment with one’s energetics is truly empowering and liberating.

And as I continue my personal journey of study, I will no doubt encounter new and advanced therapies that will bring new tools for achieving wholeness.

Presently I am offering remote sessions worldwide as well as in-person Microcurrent Biofeedback Therapy sessions in my office in Santa Rosa, California.

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