Juana Castanheira

Ms. Juana Castanheira



Sonoma Energy Medicine

Santa Rosa, CA



It really is possible to change years of dysfunction when we step into this moment, accept ourselves, and tune in to our bodymind. After years of introspection, healing, education and practice, I know that change is possible. The first step is as simple as believing it is.

I embrace all of life whole-heartedly, from a centered and balanced place, but my journey to this moment has not always been smooth. For many years, I lived in the past or the future, but very seldom in the now. I know the anguish of overeating and bulimia, depression, trauma and divorce. I’ve struggled through knee surgeries, broken bones, the effects of mercury toxicity, adrenal fatigue, and dyslexia / PTSD. I’ve witnessed both of my parents slowly succumb to cancer. I have watched several companion dogs age and finally witnessed their departure, leaving deep sorrow. Though painful, my experiences have built my compassion and understanding as well as my appreciation for the beauty of this life.

The present moment is what matters. It’s where we can make a difference. Being present is being truly alive. My passion is to help you discover and fully inhabit the vitality and joy of being you, here and now.

My natural ability to listen deeply and my strong intuition allow me to help you tap into your own bodymind wisdom. There is not just one right path to wellbeing. Paths are as unique as each individual. I help you find your way to healing. My heart-centered approach to whole health is about creating positive change with each internal shift that takes place.

Let’s work together to make this magnificent moment the moment you begin your healing.

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