Melia Brent-White

Ms. Melia Brent-White

B AppSc, Usui Reiki, Equine Assisted Learning, CBP


Lagoon Drive

Yallingup, WA



Are you seeking the way back to yourself?

To find the trust, peace, patience, and balance that is already within you?

Everything you seek is already within you, and I can help you to find it.

That is what I do through my practice Inner Equilibrium.

The ability to live life in a balanced way with more love, joy and soulful experience is the greatest gift, and I would love to facilitate this for you.

If you are looking for the right practitioner, I welcome you to contact me for an obligation free 15 min call via phone or Skype/Zoom to discuss your needs.  
Email: meliabrentwhite(at)
Phone:  0432 08 1935

As a child I was always passionate about finding out how things work, the natural world and order of things, anatomy and wellbeing. I now recognise I started studying to become a BodyTalker from a very young age as my lifelong passions are now my practice. 

The BodyTalk system was introduced to me in 2012 whilst I was trying to unravel some of my own health issues, and my body responded so well that I decided to study this amazing modality.
Life took me on another journey for a while, which resulted in serious, chronic health issues. I have a personal experience of being unwell, physically, mentally and emotionally and the progressive journey from that state to a state of wellbeing and ease. Throughout my life I have had a few different careers which took me around the globe, and that experience combined with my health challenges has resulted in a deep compassion for myself and others as we journey through life. 

I utilise Advanced BodyTalk techniques, Consciousness, Biodynamics, Energetics Mindscape and Fascial Balancing techniques through my sessions, and I am regularly amazed by the remarkable healing capacity of the body which is displayed through the subtle or profound changes in client's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states.

You're welcome to contact me for room based sessions or via distance. Regular clients include men and women of all ages, teens, as well as children and animal clients.

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