Joel Lankford

Mr. Joel Lankford



Red Willow Center
825 W. Kent
Missoula, MT 59808

Phone: 406-529-2190


I was blessed to start a career in 1980 in hospital and healthcare administration with Providence Healthcare.

 I have also been a lifelong athlete - focusing on wellness through exercise, flexibility, nutrition, and meditation. Unfortunately, in my 50’s, I discovered that injuries and accumulated job stresses were robbing me of health and vitality - and there seemed to be little in my good health regimen that was turning the tide. 

 My search for renewed vitality led me to Body Talk - first receiving sessions, then using Access and then becoming a practitioner.  What a wonderful gift!! 

 Now, as a result of my journey and great good fortune, I am privileged to work with people to help them balance their bodies, minds and spirits with Body Talk. 

 I provide BodyTalk sessions at Red Willow Center for Health and Healing in Missoula.

Call me at 406-529-2190 for a free consultation and evaluation.  Or you can email me at or visit my website at

Joel Lankford, CPA, CBP, PaRama BP

2013 BodyTalk:
  Access - with Kathy Mangan

2014 Body Talk:
  Body Talk Fundamentals - with Kathy Mangan
  Principles of Consciousness - with Mary Shields
  Bio-Dynamics - with Katherina Hirsch
  Fascial Energetics I - with Kerry D'Ambrosio
Other: Accunnect Connect - with Kaimi Pillipovich

2015 BodyTalk:
Lymphatic Drainage & A&P with Tracy Clark
Macrocosmic BodyMind - with Sylvia Muiznieks
Matrices - with Sylvia Muiznieks
Mindscape - with Angela Adkins
Other: Reiki 1&2 with Diana Schmelling
  Accunect Zoom with Kaimi Pillipovich

Body Ecology with Laura Stuuve

PaRama with Sylvia Muiznieks
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