Kathleen Erickson

Mrs. Kathleen Erickson

CBP, PaRama BP, Microscopist, Reiki Master, CBP, Parama BP


, UT 84725

Phone: 435-231-1902


Kathleen Erickson,


Bodytalk Practitioner, Microscopist, 


Nutritional Wellness Consultant






 I have a love for learning. Learning and knowledge allows me to bring health and well being into our lives. Bodytalk is a comprehensive system of allowing the innate wisdom of your body, mind and spirit to prioritize its needs for a balanced way of being.


 I have completed the following seminars in the International Bodytalk Association:

Modules I and II,  Module 3,  Module 4/7,  Module 6,  Module 9,  Mindscape,

PaRama Break Through I and II, Family Systems Constellation,  Right Brain,  Chinese Medicine, Pa Rama I and II, Finding Health I and II.


The following is a biographical sketch of Kathleen Erickson.


  • Bachelor of Arts (1974), Brigham Young University, Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • Reiki Master
  • President of International Microscopy Association New Biology 2002 -2005
  • Trained and certified microscopist by Dr. Robert Young
  • National Certified Phlebodomist
  • Certificate of Herbology from Dr. John Christopher
  • Certificates of Applied Kinesiology I & II
  • Certificate of Iridology
  • Certificate of Reflexology
  • Extensive knowledge and use of homeopaths and essential oils
  • Founder and president of the Explore Knowledge Academy Charter Public School in the Clark County School District (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Certified Elementary School Teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Appointed member of the City of Henderson comprehensive planning committee
  • Member of the Nevada State College planning committee
  • Appointed parent coalition member of the Nevada State Board of Education that created state regulations for home schooling under the Nevada Revised Statutes
  • Founder and President of the first Nevada Home Schooling Organization
  • Mother of eight children, grandmother of 22 grandchildren
  • Cub Scout leader, Boy Scout leader, Girl Scout leader, soccer coach, camp director, defender of the United States of America's constiturion and active in my religious faith.








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