Louise Sanders

Louise Sanders



301-191 Kimberly Road

Winkler , MB R6W 0H7

Phone: 204-331-6285


By an early age, Louise knew that she wanted a career in healthcare. In Grade 9, she began her search for the perfect field and spent a day with a local massage therapist. Though this interested Louise a great deal, after graduation, she felt drawn to take the 4 year physiotherapy degree at the University of Manitoba. After obtaining her Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, she worked in the private sector for 4 years. She had much success with her clients, but for those who would not improve with her treatments, she felt that there was more to understand about the physical body. Turning toward more complimentary "physical" therapies, she found Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, and Low-Intensity Laser Therapy. These additional modalities helped some of the more "difficult" clients, but for those who could not find relief and for those who continually relapsed, Louise knew that she had to delve beyond the physical body and turn toward a modality that was truly holistic: one that included mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects, along with the physical. Louise turned to BodyTalk and became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and a member of the International BodyTalk Association.

In January 2014, Louise opened her own wellness clinic in Winkler, Manitoba to offer physiotherapy and BodyTalk. After nearly 2 years of integrating the two, she felt unaligned with physiotherapy. She chose to only offer BodyTalk to her clients and use physiotherapy skills only when it is the client's priority, not hers. She much prefers to now address to WHOLE client, emotional, mental, spiritual and not only the physical. Louise works alongside her sister, Elaine.

Louise is a coordinator of BodyTalk courses and enjoys inviting instructors to come to the Winkler area to help create a strong BodyTalk community. Louise is very interested in her own personal development with all the courses offered by the IBA. She is an Advanced CBP, and her goal is to become an Access and BodyTalk Fundamentals Instructor.

Courses taken:

Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Acupuncture for Physical Therapists

Bowen Therapy

Low-Intensity Laser Therapy Training

BodyTalk Access

Module 1+2: Fundamentals

Module 3: Consciousness

Module 4/7: Bio-Dynamics

Module 5: Lymphatic Drainage

Module 6: Macrocosmic Bodymind

Module 8A: BodyTalk for Animals

Module 9: Matrix Dynamics

BodyTalk Advanced Integrative


Advanced MindScape

BodyTalk Fascial Energetics

Members Conference 2015 

Energetics (taught by the founder, John Veltheim)

Practitioner Reflex (taught by the founder, John Veltheim)

The Soul's Journey and the 3 Brains (taught by the founder, John Veltheim)

Contact Louise at Step Ahead Wellness

Phone: 204-331-6285

Mobile: 204-825-4328

Email: stepaheadwellness@outlook.com

Website: stepaheadwellness.com

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