Lisa McCormick

Lisa McCormick



Overgaard, AZ

Phone: 928-240-0465


In 2009 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Interstitial Cystitis.  In other words my gut and bladder were on fire and I was in pain 24/7.   I would wake up repeatedly every night at 1 am until 4 am.  After having a colonoscopy and finding nothing I was perplexed.  The last straw was when the last Dr. ignored me and spoke to my husband instead me the patient.  I realized I had to try something new.  I was given a business card for a Bodytalk Practitioner.  She was in CA and I had my first session over the phone.   I was skeptical, I even purposefully delayed  the health history forms until after the session.  After that first session, I became a believer.  She only knew my symptoms on the surface yet was able to pinpoint others issues that I was dealing with.  In a very short time, my health improved, so much so that I no longer have Fibro or IC.  Western Medicine told me there was no cure for either of those issues.  

I was so impressed with this modality that I had to learn it myself.  In 2015 I became a certified Bodytalk practitioner, fulfilling a dream of mine.  I had always wanted to be a medical doctor but it did not truly align with my holistic ways.  Bodytalk encompasses a whole body approach.  You are more than just your physical body, you are a mind, body and soul!  Bodytalk also intermingles Traditional Chinese medicine, quantum integrative medicine, physics and philosophy=consciousness based healthcare.

I have taken the following Modules:
Fundamentals 1 & 2 and 
Fundamentals Integration
Advanced Bodytalk Protocols and Procedures
The Soul's Journey & 3 Brains
Bodytalk Direct
Macrocosmic Bodymind
Matrix Dynamics

"Consciousness guides us into transformation and inner growth."

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