Marjorie Ville

Mrs. Marjorie Ville

Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, CBP


Wellness Room Miami
7340 SW 48th St Suite 103
MIami, FL 33155

Phone: 7864472000


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Born and raised in a small town in France in a family of Naturopaths, Marjorie Ville grew up close to Nature in a health conscious environment. When she moves to Miami in 2002, her initial interest in fitness and health will naturally lead her to holistic studies. 

She becomes a Holistic Wellness Practitioner through SWIHA (SouthWest Institute of Healing Arts) in 2013, specialized in life coaching and holistic nutrition. But she finds her core passion with the Bach Flower Remedies, which will become her best allies through her own healing and soul searching journey. She goes to England to study at the Bach Center, and becomes a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in 2017.

When she hears of BodyTalk in 2010, she is fascinated and knows the time will eventually come for her to explore it further.  When it crosses her path again in 2016, she takes the BodyTalk Access course and is instantly hooked. The following year she takes MindScape, Fundamentals 1 and 2, and becomes a CBP in 2018. 

Today, Marjorie thrives in sharing her two passions with the world. She encourages others to become their own best friend and take responsibility for their own health through the art of Flower Therapy, and helps repair stress damages by restoring harmony within the Mind, Body and Spirit with BodyTalk

"I have always been fascinated by quantum physics, by all there is beyond what our eyes can see and our mind can comprehend. Tapping into universal consciousness, BodyTalk opens that door to new and unlimited possibilities. And it is only the beginning! I do believe BodyTalk is on its way of becoming the medicine of the future.  I feel blessed to be able to share it today, in a world more and more aware of the necessity to heal from within."

- Marjorie Ville

2018 - IBA Global Healing - CBP

       Certified BodyTalk Practitioner 

       BodyTalk Access, Fundamentals 1 & 2, MindScape

2017 - Bach Center, U.K. - BFRP

       Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner     

       Registration Number: USA-2017-1002L

2014 - SWHIA - Holistic Wellness Practitioner  

      Holistic Nutrition, Life Coaching, Urban Farming 

      & Conscious Living

2006 - AFPA - Personal Fitness Trainer

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