Katrin Schubert

Dr. Katrin Schubert

M.D., Ph.D., CBI, Par.BP, CBP, C.A.T.C.I., CBP, Parama BP


4 Cataraqui St

Kingston, ON K7K 1Z7

Phone: 613 541-1144


 Katrin Schubert, M.D., Ph.D., B.A., CBP, CBI, Par.BP., C.A.F.C.I., R. Ac.

Katrin graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Hamburg, Germany, and received her Ph.D in Medical Genetics in 1990. 

Her interest and training in complementary healing modalities started in her teenage years and was rekindled after extensive international clinical training in traditional Western medicine resulting in establishing a practice in Integral health with a focus on BodyTalk and PaRama Bodytalk and a variety of vibrational medical modalities such as acupuncture, homeopathy and cranio-sacral therapy.

Impressed by the deep shifts towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through the BodyTalk system Katrin became an instructor with the International Bodytalk association  and teaches Modules 1 and 2, 1&2 practical intensives and Access BodyTalk. She also is a PaRama practitioner.

PaRama BodyTalk allows deep shifts on a physical and consciousness level enabling beings to follow their full life expression in the gentlest yet most profound way possible.

 Katrin has solid experience as an instructor and trainer; she has taught acupuncture with the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute for many years, delivered seminars on acupuncture treatment for drug addiction and has co-authored 2 acupuncture manuals.

 In 2004 she co-facilitated an international conference on Integral Health in India. With a deep interest in enabling people to help themselves Katrin volunteered to teach BodyTalk Access, Acupressure and offer treatments to villagers  along the Bay of Bengal affected by the tsunami.  Environmental health on a global level as well as individual and community health and well-being are central to her understanding of health care.

 She has witnessed a deep shift towards health, wellness and life balance in many of her clients through the gentleness and profound healing effects of BodyTalk and PaRama BodyTalk. Katrin has over 10 years of experience with distance sessions and has witnessed remarkable results especially with hospitalized patients.

Katrin works as a Registered Acupuncturist in Ontario.

To contact Katrin directly for information or course registration, please visit www.bodytalksystem.com  or www.drkatrin.com , email her  or call (613) 541-1144.

4 Cataraqui Street, Kingston, Ontario K7K 1Z7 (613)541-1144,

226 South Street, Gananoque, Ontario, K7G 1A3 (613)382-7686

Retinastr. 7, 25336 Elmshorn, Germany

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