Jenna Caplette

Jenna Caplette

LMT; Ortho-Bionomy; Cranialsacral Fascial Therapy, CBP, Parama BP


South of Bozeman Deaconness Hospital

Bozeman, MT 59715

Phone: 406-920-2691


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The True Spirit of my approach is to support clients, especially women, in showing up in our world in the way they need in order to more fully become who they are, to find more resilient health, BodyMind + Spirit. I don’t address a condition, but help you connect with yourself as a whole person. 

I support clients in developing the flexibility and creativity to reconfigure themselves over and over again as life inevitably blows up and changes direction and takes them on unexpected adventures. As an elder, having lived a rich and complex life, this is an experience I've had many, many more times than I would wish. As a practitioner, I draw on all that I have learned, knowledge that cannot be cleaned from a book or training. I offer the grounded wisdom of a woman-becoming-an-elder infused along with a sometimes edgy sense of mischief. 

For me, the process of personal reconfiguration roots in deep listening, the desire to foster coherence between head, heart and gut brains, grounding to the Earth, then weaving together your unique parts and pieces into an ever-revitalized whole. It is also imperative to shake hands across time with your younger selves (yes, we each have several younger personas) and to reach to the ancestors, something our culture neglects. 

Another piece? Shifting the heaviness of these times and this work by embracing the trickster-like essence of life, of the cosmic sense of humor, Laughter heals. 

Get support in feeling better, in becoming more completely who you are, in finding the resiliency and courage to do what you are meant to do in and for this world, our world.

This is a small, “exclusive” practice by design. Part of what you receive here is a person-to-person interaction. You are not one among many but one among a few, honored & remembered.


Please visit my website to learn more about how I work, then schedule an online consult. All new client sessions are offered at a distance.

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