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LiveStream (USA EDT) - Brazil
Sarasota, FL USA


$200 discount for IBA Members


NOTE: This course is presented in sequential translation - English then Portuguese
Other courses are available in English only.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us for our first ever global Livestreaming of The Soul’s Journey: Exploring the Mind and Three Brains. This transformational course will be taught by its creator and BodyTalk’s Founder, Dr. John Veltheim. It is open to everyone; no previous IBA courses required.

All times are given in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) for Florida, USA, so you will need to determine the exact times for your location based on regional time changes. You may register for any of the broadcasts outside your area if the times are more convenient for you.

The course will be recorded and available for viewing for 90 Days after the event.

Our vision is that this will be a truly communal experience. Please make your best effort to convene with other students, even if it means traveling to a nearby city. Attending the Livestreaming of Soul’s Journey in a group setting will ensure a truly unique and supportive learning experience.

If you are already a Member of our IBA Global Village, you know the power of working and studying together. Perhaps, more than any other class, the interactive aspect of The Soul’s Journey class cannot be overstated. The energy underlying many of the techniques increases exponentially by practicing them in a live group. Also, being able to practice or trade sessions in-person within the matrix of the class deepens the understanding and immediacy of the work far more than hearing the information alone and practicing later.

John's Livestream teachings will themselves evoke powerful experiential shifts in the student. The techniques you will be learning are simple and highly effective, designed to enhance the functioning of the Three Brains Complex (and, thus, the overall psychosomatic system). The work is gentle, transformational and easy to understand.

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