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Hong Kong
10A Wing Cheong Commercial Building, 19-25 Jervois Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


Early Early Bird Discount of HKD700 for the first 12 to register and pay prior to 31st August. Investment HKD4300 for 2 Day Advanced MindScape: Another Dimension. Thereafter Early Bird Discount of HKD500 available until 7th November 2019. Monitor rates available (HKD1250 if attended Another Dimension version of Advanced MindScape, or HKD2500 if attended alternative Advanced MindScape class).


1) December 7/8 Advanced MindScape : Another Dimension 2) December 9 Advanced MindScape MasterClass Money & Success ******Join Senior MindScape Instructor Andy Spencer for his very own unique Advanced MindScape 3 day seminar. *****Come and work at another dimension with your MindScape abilities! A fantastic opportunity to learn to quickly access and build trust in the power of your intuition. In addition you will learn the power of MindScape to really shift your reality. This course will provide a fun and powerful way of gaining insights on an issue or theme that you would like to work on. Its a fantastic way of working with MindScape at Another Dimension! MasterClass is HKD1500 Early Bird paid by 7th November. (Advanced MindScape is a pre-requisite.)

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