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Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa


Register with a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT of USD$250 BEFORE January 15th 2023 and pay only USD$550. MONITOR/REVIEW: USD$187.50 with current IBA Membership **To qualify for the $550 course fee, your registration & $250 non-refundable deposit must be received BEFORE January 15th 2023. **If for any reason the instructor needs to cancel the class, all payments will be refunded in full. PLEASE NOTE THIS CLASS IS SET IN SOUTH AFRICAN TIME 2PM to 5.30PM NOON It is your responsibility to work out your time zone correctly. Example conversion times are (please check daylight savings time changes) UK 1pm-4.30pm Canada and US EST 8am-11.30 Mountain time 6am-9.30am Sydney 10pm -1.30am Hong Kong 8pm - 11.30pm Nairobi 3pm - 6.30pm Delhi 5.30 - 8pm Payment page


BreakThrough 1 class This is an experiential class where participation allows you to get the maximum benefit. We look at the conflict that being alive presents us, we explore our human behaviour when we are triggered and get to see exactly what is happening when our conflicts arise, what we are defending and coping with in life. You will then be introduced to the 7 Steps Process of BreakThrough 1 and each person will be lead through a steps process. You will learn the parameters we use in BreakThrough to support ourselves and our intellect in the process of self-inquiry. This class is for you. YOU WILL NEED: • A computer with a camera and mic in good working order • A quiet space where you can participate that has enough light where you will not be disturbed. I need to be able to see your face clearly • To be able to participate in the class – not just listen with your camera off The class is set at 3.5 hours a day – we only really need 3 hours as per class requirements – but if we need any extra time, or the class gets big, then the extra time will be utilised. You do not need a manual for this class. Your manual will be shipped after the class. You will get some handouts to print out for easy reference. You can have a note book to record your ides, but note taking is not necessary as it will take away from your experience of the class. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIME ZONE CAREFULLY This is a class like no other, where you will begin to look at your role in your conflict. More often than not, you will assign blame outwards. With this class you will look at the dynamics of blame and see your own role in your conflict. This offers you a POWERFUL shift in perspective. That shift in perspective is where all the work happens spontaneously. Your job is to be curious and willing enough to participate. The class is USD 600.00

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