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Early Bird Fee (payable by 31 May 2023): EUR 550


Special Early Bird Fee for the first eight new participants (payable by 31 May 2023): EUR 500


Participants who are residents in India or South Africa, please contact the Coordinator to check for the locally adapted course fees.


NOTE: This course will be confirmed once the minimum number of new students for this course has registered and paid by 31 May 2023 (= early bird date).


Prerequisites to attend this course: current IBA membership (Standard or Practicing), BodyTalk Fundamentals (Module 1 & 2), Advanced Procedures Course, Principles of Consciousness (Module 3) & Macrocosmic BodyMind (Module 6).


Monitoring fee is 25% of regular (full) course fee (= EUR 150,00). As per the IBA Policy & Procedures Document Point 7.31 (2019 08), Monitoring is a privilege, not a right. [IBA Policies & Procedures 2019 08]


The course will be conducted in English. The course manual is in English.


[Course Description – BodyTalk Principles of Consciousness (Module 3)]


NOTE: The guideline times of this class are SAST (South African Standard Time), the class is scheduled to start at 13:00hrs / 1:00pm. Please confirm the starting time in your area: [TIME ZONE CONVERTER]

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